Database statistics

This is a live statistics from AtPINDB, each letter correspond to a database, letters separated by a pipe are indicating that some PPIs are present in more than one databse.
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Subcellular statistics

The predicted subcellular location probability of correctness is a simple percentage of matching pairs among predicted and experimental location. The probability is based on data currently available at AtPINDB.

What does it means?

The percentage (Y) at “probability” column indicates that: The protein predicted to be at the X compartment has the Y% to be experimentally found at this particular compartment.

For the current database use the following table:

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AtPIN PPI classification

All PPIs present on AtPIN was first classified according to their detection evidence. This classification comprehends direct and indirect evidence as follow:

DIRECT EVIDENCE: This means that the indicated PPI was experimentally demonstrated using Arabidopsis thaliana proteins as model of study. The experiment indicated links to the publication of which this interaction was annotated from.

INDIRECT EVIDENCE: The indicated PPI was proposed based on ortholgs studies. The experiment indicated links to the publication of the orthologous PPI was annotated from.

The second PPI classification is based on how the interaction was demonstrated (direct or indirect methods), the protein cellular compartment location based on data available at SUBA and how this subcellular location was proposed (experimental or predicted).


  PPI detection Same compartment? Subcellular location indication
Class A Direct evidence YES Experimental
Class B Direct evidence NO Experimental
Class C Indirect evidence YES Experimental
Class D Direct evidence YES Predicted
Unkown Direct / Indirect No data available No data available

Direct linking

You can link a locus search directly to AtPIN. The URL should be build like this:[locus].htm

Replace the [locus] for your target locus based on AGI. You direct link may look like this

PS: We are updating AtPIN scripts, so, this might not work all the times, sorry for this inconvenience.


PEP is the posterior probability of a particular PPI to be experimentally demonstrated, given that it was predicted and that both interactors were, or were not, co-localized or predicted. PEP is a probabilistic score, based on all information present in AtPINDB and is dependent on the availability of experimental data.

Predicted PPIs that has not been colocalized, experimentally or by prediction, present lower probability to be seen experimentally when compared to colocalized PPIs.